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Serverless framework is a great tool that simplifies deployment of function-based (FaaS) applications.

Sadly, the simplicity disappears when your application needs more than just functions, and you're left with the resposibility for configuring, managing and integrating other infrastructure components.

Stacktape's Advantages

More power

Besides lambda functions, Stacktape allows you to deploy container workloads, batch jobs, SQL and NoSQL databases, API Gateways, Load balancers and much more.

Optimized build process

Stacktape supports zero-config, heavily optimized parallel builds with advanced caching.

Programmatic SDK

Stacktape includes both CLI and SDK (currently supported for Javascript and Typescript). It allows you to easily build complicated deployment pipelines.

Better developer experience

Stacktape is simple, well-documented and easily customizable. Everything is properly validated. Error messages are descriptive and include hints.

Editor extension

Stacktape comes with a VS code editor extension to further improve developer experience with validation, autocompletion and built-in documentation.

Development studio (coming soon)

Stacktape development studio is a graphical user interface. It's a convenient way to manage and test your applications and infrastructure.

Stacktape's Disadvantages

Not open-source

Stacktape is a premium product. For smaller applications, it offers a forever-free tier. For large applications and teams, it's still 10-20 times cheaper than hiring DevOps experts or consultants.

Smaller community

Being a new product, Stacktape doesn't have a large community yet.

AWS only

Stacktape works on top of AWS. Support for MS Azure and Google Cloud is planned. Besides AWS services, Stacktape also supports 3rd party providers (such as MongoDb Atlas).

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